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Wedding Photographer Edinburgh | Glasgow | Scotland

About Me

I have been a full-time professional wedding  photographer working in Edinburgh, Glasgow and throughout Scotland for the past 15 years. During that time I have been lucky enough to photograph several hundred amazing big days in some of the best wedding venues in Scotland.

I love my job because every wedding that I photograph provides me with the opportunity to tell the unique story of that day, the couple and their family and friends.

To be able to capture one of the happiest days in a couple’s lives, and know that the photographs I take will be looked at for years to come, is truly a huge honour and privilege.

I got married to my wife Sinead back in 2005. We loved our wedding day and I want every one of my couples to enjoy their day as much as we enjoyed ours.


My Approach

My wedding photography style and approach can best be described as “natural and relaxed”. Couples trust me to produce beautiful images that tell the story of their wedding day with little disruption.

I avoid taking over the show and forcing clichéd and staged poses. From documentary shots that capture all of the great moments of the day through to family group shots and creative images of the wedding couple, my emphasis is on keeping people relaxed and happy as this makes for the best wedding pictures.

My style is very different to that of many wedding photographers who’s formulaic approach to photography tends to take over the wedding day and smother its spontaneity. Their final images are all too often full of stiff, stage managed poses that lack soul and reflect very little about the couple and their family and friends.

Developing a good relationship with my clients and understanding what is important to them allows me to become a seamless part of their wedding. My couple and their friends and family can relax and be themselves, resulting in natural and spontaneous images. The final images that I provide will allow you to relive the joy, the love, the humour and the excitement of your special day for years to come.


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